Jellycat toys are made with soft and unique materials. The furs are hand-cut and sewn together to deliver the indulgently soft touch that must be maintained. The softness of the plush remains the same be it when you cuddle your Jellycat or during the time the fur epidermis holds a pattern and keeps it intact of its aesthetic. Not only that but you could be exactly in tune with the festive spirit by buying a limited edition seasonal individual design among other things. Besides, in the overwhelming amount of toy collection offered by the Jellycat company, Jellycat Bunnies are more adorable compared to the other cuddle dolls. This bunny will be so full of love and cuteness with their floppy ears and bouncy tails you will surely love them from the first day. Offer a diversity of sizes of which one can be a tiny bunny, which can be put into a pocket, and a large plushy rabbit, which is perfect for snuggling. Singapore has won the world-renowned title of “The Land of Small Toys”. For those times when you want soft and snug puppet toys in Singapore, don’t stress about it – you can look no further than our collection of Jellycat Bunnies. Jellycat Bunny Singapore is a great plush that will amaze everyone. They are endowed with the ability to express and provide love and tenderness. For that, all components are produced with precise safety standards and then used in space exploration missions.

For individual bunnies, each has a unique personality or an expression too. Thus, you should feel like they are your real companions. Whenever you need to put your toddler to sleep or just feel like playing and cuddling with Jellycat bunnies, you will always have this perfect timing. Just as you have a taste for a classic white bunny with pink ears or one that is eye-catching in spots or stripes, there is a Jellycat for everyone with plenty of choices. One of the bunny attractions is their dawning of a sort of adorable bunny costume, which uniquely delights our eyes.

Top-Notch Stores to Buy Jellycat Bunnies:

  • Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed offers amazing Jellycat plushies. You can select all kinds of cuddly and appealing Jellycat plush bunnies. The whole bunch of plush bunnies of different kinds look soft and cuddly, so hard not to touch them. This butchery is unique because it emphasizes the involvement of every buyer in a personable manner. You can customize the Jellycat Bunny Singapore with your reflection which is your name, date, and sentimental message which turns the toy into personal memorabilia. Certainly, it can be said that it is not a toy store, but rather a setting, where feelings and memories are created. The gift that you are looking for could be something special, sentimental, and with a fluff filled, roly-poly Jellycat bunny to meet the needs of the person you are giving it to. It could be for an upcoming baby shower, a surprising birthday, or just something that you want to express affection. Here, many stuffed toy rabbits adorn the storefront windows, all offering a personalized experience of cuddles and snuggles when you take them home. Jellycat Bunny is splendid for improving a child’s or through it, a party marks the occasion of a special day. Moreover, the staff of these stores assure their customers by knowing what a bunny-kept-as-pets are and they help the customer to pick up the right pet for their wishes.

  • Elly Store:

Elly Store is a playground for Jellycat lovers where they can enjoy the vast variety of Jellycat toys. They have their stock of adorable Jellycat bunnies which will make both the younger using it and grandma happy. Sashaying into the store, the exquisite spectacle of cheery stuffed toys of all colors forms, and sizes welcomes you as a paradise for avid collectors and particular gift-givers. It also has Jellycat bunnies in the colors and designs our taste, ranging from traditional white bunnies with cute furs & floppy-ear to the funnily looking colorful model ones. They make the consumers feel chilled to their bones and their best goal is to fill the store shelves with only top-notch goods.

  • Le Petit Society:

A Jellycat world would be just the magic you get from joining the Le Petit Society. It is a brand of children’s clothing specializing in the latest kids’ fashion and is very popular among Singaporean kids and parents. Being this blend of two amazing cultures is a priceless joy that brightens up the faces of children and adults alike. The bunnies from this pet store are truly fascinating since they are very unique. A magic wonder created by them in the form of a carefully selected range of children’s clothing and accessories was outshining these plush bunnies with their resourcefulness and intelligence. For that the classic white bunnies or those that carry colorful or weirder designs, every single Jellycat bunny is handpicked to make sure the quality and the cuteness bar are met. A downtown shop containing all kinds of Jellycats is adored by parents who come and grab popular ones for their cuties which will become fast friends of their babies.



The Jellycat Bunny Singapore is popular all over the world. On one hand, they have brick-and-mortar retail stores and, on the other, online marketplaces. Along with that, you’ll be able to find from parents who looking for the nursery corner for their baby to Jellycat fans, you may have the privilege to equip your baby with the store’s products which are almost complete. As the heart of Jellycat Bunny, the Lovingly Signed store has a cheerful and mystical environment where you can discover the perfect Jellycat bunny. And due to that, you should not delay and visit Lovingly Signed. This store holds all the magic of a better day shine for you.