Magnus Carlsen, born on November 30, 1990, is a chess grandmaster from Norway renowned for his exceptional talent and dominance in the world of chess. Holding the prestigious title of five-time World Chess Champion, he has also secured the title of five-time World Rapid Chess Champion, seven-time World Blitz Chess Champion, and Chess World Cup Champion. 


Magnus Carlsen’s father, an avid amateur chess player, introduced him to the game at the tender age of five, although Carlsen initially displayed minimal interest in it. Growing up with three sisters, Carlsen revealed in 2010 that one of his initial motivations to delve deeper into chess was his determination to triumph over his older sister in the game. Magnus Carlsen is often linked to Elisabet Lorentxen Djonne. She is believed to be the girlfriend of Magnus Carlsen 




Since July 1, 2011, Carlsen has continuously held the No. 1 position in the FIDE world chess rankings, boasting the longest consecutive reign atop the rankings and trailing only Garry Kasparov in time spent as the highest-rated player in the world. His peak rating of 2882 remains the highest in chess history. 


Carlsen’s journey to chess greatness began at a remarkably young age, as he showcased his prodigious talent by winning the C group of the Corus chess tournament shortly after turning 13 and attaining the grandmaster title a few months later. At 15, he clinched the Norwegian Chess Championship title, becoming the youngest player ever to qualify for the Candidates Tournament in 2005. His ascent continued, with notable achievements such as jointly winning the top group of Corus at 17 and surpassing a rating of 2800 at 18, setting a record at the time. 


In 2010, at just 19 years old, Carlsen made history by reaching the No. 1 spot in the FIDE world rankings, becoming the youngest person to achieve this milestone. His crowning moment came in 2013 when he claimed the title of World Chess Champion by defeating Viswanathan Anand. Carlsen successfully defended his title against formidable opponents over the years, solidifying his legacy as one of the greatest chess players of all time. 


Renowned for his versatile playing style, Carlsen has evolved from an attacking prodigy into a universal player, adept at employing various openings to confound opponents and minimize the effectiveness of pre-game computer analysis. His strategic prowess and unwavering determination have cemented his status as a true legend of the game.